Advancing Reliability, Safety & Security in Software Engineering

We study the principles of computing and the phenomena of software developments to understand when, where, why and how unreliable, insecure, or unsafe software is resulted and threatening in our society. We aim to resolve these problems by developing techniques, tools, methodologies and pedagogies that enhance the ability of developers in analyzing, testing, and debugging their software products.


6 Feb 2023 Kieun joined ARISE. Welcome!

9 Sep 2022 Recruiting New Graduate Students [Eng] [Kor

7 Feb 2022 Suhyun and Sungbin join our lab 

13 Dec 2021 YouTube videos of our research work

9 Oct 2021 Software Disaster Research Center is having an official opening event at 27 Oct

Shin Hong  홍신 

Associate Professor, School of CSEE in Handong Global University

Ph.D in Computer Science, KAIST 


313, Oseok Hall, Handong Global University


Jeewoong Kim 김지웅

Ph.D student (starts at Mar 2022) /

318, Oseok Hall, Handong Global University

Suhyun Park 박수현

Master's student (starts at Mar 2022) /

318, Oseok Hall, Handong Global University

Sungbin Lim 임성빈 

Master's student (starts at Mar 2022) 

318, Oseok Hall, Handong Global University

Kieun Kim 김기은

Master's student (starts at Mar 2023)

318, Oseok Hall, Handong Global University

Undergraduate Internship (since 2020)


Hanyoung Yoo (유한영), now in SAP Labs Korea

Jeewoong Kim (김지웅), now in ARISE lab, Handong Global University 

Juyoung Jeon (전주영), now in Hyundai MOBIS

Hansol Choe (최한솔), now in Suresoft Technologies Inc.

Research Projects

Center for Software Disaster Research, Excellent Research Center (ERC), NRF, 2021-2028 (led by Prof. Yunja Choi at KNU, in collaboration with KAIST, Korea University, UNIST, POSTECH, Hanyang University) (on going)

Development of automatic software error repair technology that combines code analysis and error mining, IITP (in collaboration with SuresoftTech Inc., Arcyl Inc., Prof. Shin Yoo at KAIST and Prof. Jooyong Yi at UNIST), 2021-2024 (on going)

Fuzz Testing for Effective Continuous Testing on Evolving Software, NRF, 2020-2023

Design of Online Model Training and Prediction Environment for Reproducible Machine Learning Artifact Archiving (in collaboration with Prof. Charmgil Hong at Handong University), KISTI, 2020-2021

Establishing Code Change Traceability Using Source Code Embedding (in direction of Prof. Shin Yoo at KAIST), Samsung Research, 2020, 2021 

Fuzzing for Improving Unit-level Testing, SAP Labs Korea, 2020, 2021

Intelligent Automation Techniques for Fullstack Software Debugging, Next-Generation Information Computing Development Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2020

Automated Method of Assessing Test Artifacts Quality (in direction of Prof. Shin Yoo at KAIST), Samsung Research, 2019

Developing Automated Software Test Generation Techniques Using Data-driven Analyses, Young Researcher Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2019

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