Advancing Reliability, Safety & Security in Software Engineering

We study the phenomena and the principles of computing and software developments to find better ways of constructing reliable, secure, and safe software. We aim to enhancing techniques, tools and methodologies for automating software debugging, testing and analysis .


1 Jun 2020: Recruiting New Grad Students (2020 Fall) - 2020년 후기 대학원 신입생(석사, 학석사) 모집

3 Feb 2020. Hanyoung joins ARISE!

8 Feb 2019: ICSE 2020 is coming to Seoul, Korea💡

1 April 2020

Shin Hong 홍신

Assistant Professor, CSEE in Handong Global University

Ph.D in Computer Science, KAIST 2015,

313 Oseok Hall, +82-54-260-1409

Hansol Choe 최한솔

Master's degree program (started inMar 2018)

318 Oseok Hall

Jeewoong Kim 김지웅

Master's degree program (started in Sep 2018)

318 Oseok Hall

Juyoung Jeon 전주영

Master's degree program (started in Mar 2019)

318 Oseok Hall

Hyerin Leem 임혜린

Integrated Bachelor's -Master's degree program (started at Sep 2019)

318 Oseok Hall

Hanyoung Yoo 유한영

Master's degree program (started in Mar 2020)

318 Oseok Hall

Research Projects

Fuzz Testing for Effective Continuous Testing on Evolving Software, NRF, 2020-2022

Automated Method of Assessing Test Artifacts Quality (in direction of COINSE, KAIST), Samsung Research, 2019

Developing Automated Software Test Generation Techniques Using Data-driven Analyses, Young Researcher Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2019

Intelligent Automation Techniques for Fullstack Software Debugging, Next-Generation Information Computing Development Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2020

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