Research to Advance SW Reliability, Security & Safety

We study the phenomena and principles in software developments to find better ways to assist software engineers to write reliable, secure, and safe software. We aim to advancing software testing and analysis techniques including automated test generation, automated debugging, and dynamic and static program analyses.


Shin Hong, Ph.D in Computer Science

Assistant Professor, CSEE in Handong Global University,

313 Oseok Hall, +82-54-260-1409

Hansol Choe

Master's degree course (started inMar 2018)

318 Oseok Hall

Jeewoong Kim

Master's degree course (started in Sep 2018)

318 Oseok Hall

Juyoung Jeon

Master's degree course (started in Mar 2019)

318 Oseok Hall

Hyerin Leem

Integrated Bachelor's -Master's degree course (starts at Sep 2019)

318 Oseok Hall

Recent Publications

[ESEC/FSE'19] Target-driven Compositional Concolic Testing with Function Summary Refinement for Effective Bug Detection

[ICST'19] Classifying False Positive Static Checker Alarms In Continuous Integration Using Convolutional Neural Networks (Experience Track)

[KCC'18] A Classification of Unit Test Bugs in Java Programs (Best Paper Award) (written in Korean)

On-going Projects

Automated Method of Assessing Test Artifacts Quality (in direction of COINSE, KAIST), Samsung Research, 2019

Developing Automated Software Test Generation Techniques Using Data-driven Analyses, Young Researcher Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2019

Intelligent Automation Techniques for Fullstack Software Debugging, Next-Generation Information Computing Development Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2020